The reason I started blogging was simple – wanted to know what made people want to blog.

What is that that triggers bloggers to write some stuff out on net (for which they’re never paid for (mostly) and there is no guarantee if any one would even bother reading it)?

What makes people put out their personal life on net for everybody to read?

What makes people open up – to share their knowledge with others?

What makes blog a place to vent out frustrations?

Why would people wanna burn their time and spend it in typing/uploading some stuff?

And more….


I don’t think I have found an answer to any of it, but since the day I started blogging – I’ve continued it (on and off – what matters is I am still up & running) in an attempt to understand it. Not sure if I would ever get an answer to all those questions (I guess I’ve stopped thinking about them), but I would like to continue BLOGGING!!!

While I started I wasn’t sure if I would go beyond my first blog and today I’ve blogged over 100 (rate of posts are less though) – not bad for a reluctant blogger.

Over here I am not gonna blog much on self (find it a bit uncomfortable) – though most of the posts convey about me – my thoughts, interests, dislikes, objects of frustrations, views and pretty much it.

I am interested in Politics, Social structure, Law, Religion, Archaeology, History, Languages & Scripts (evolutions and stuffs), Sports, Movies – and most of my blogs would fit into one of these.

So that’s about me – Vivek (living in the software capital of India, in one such profession).


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