I have started a new category under my posts – “History”. Here I intend to cover – topics on World history (specifically Indian), Religion, Archaeology, Languages etc… And since I am no expert in history, most of the work would be redirection to posts/articles I come across. But, I can guarantee you – most posts would be interesting and many a times eye-opener. Especially the ones on India – I say this with confidence because we Indians are unaware of our (rich) history/culture/traditions/religion/personalities/language/heritage.

History has always interested me, since school days. But then, I really couldn’t love the subject much – coz of the way we have our academics organized. Its all marks, and there you get very little time to enjoy a subject. And these exams used to keep me so confused with the dates of the wars, hierarchy of Kings (their names) from a family, hierarchy of rulers across families etc… It was a scary thought to remember all of that (and I always got the names and dates wrong).

But, deep inside I loved history – may be just because I have always loved a good story being told. (Its a different matter altogether that I am no voracious reader – I hardly read any of those big fat books).

In the last few years, hmmm… I think it has been about 4 years now, I have fallen in love with past, India’s in particular. I have been reading a lot of articles on the web – most deal with

  • History – India in particular, however I have read a few bits about other cultures  (just to be informed about them)
  • Religion – Hinduism in particular. And also other major world religions – Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Jainism – (usually on need basis).
  • And over time I’ve developed a love for archaeology.
  • Understanding of evolution of languages.
  • Art in the form of (ancient) paintings (not modern art – I don’t understand them), sculptures, dance and music.

I find the above set of interests that I indulge in, is a nice mix to understand the history of most places/community. And if I can ever develop into being able to understand (decipher) languages (written in particular – ancient scripts) would be a great add-on to appreciate ancient write-ups. No culture or civilization can be understood fully without one being able to speak/comprehend every action in that language (as it was done in the past).

I’ve found language to be a very powerful tool of expression and an important stage of human evolution. While I say language I refer to both spoken and written.

Another area which interests me is cosmology/astronomy/astrology – more so with Indian history, it plays a pivotal role. I’ve read of Indian epics (as some call it mythology and others India history) – the Ramayana and Mahabharata contains in them a lot of references to position of celestial bodies.

Okay, now the point of these posts – I’ve been reading so much of things (as I said – on net). Some, that I readily like to believe in; while others which I don’t want to. It would be quite obvious from the kind of posts I would make under this category what my understanding of history is and where I am prejudiced and where my loyalties lie (this is just to state that I am not a clean slate or clay, however I have always questioned proofs/theories irrespective of if they are something I would like to believe or not).

I love India’s ancient history – before and after vedic period till around8th century A.D. This period captures in it the essence of India and being Indian. I would love to discuss with you folks out there, on topics around here.

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