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National Chief Guest – Unhappy


Our nation’s chief guest (and Pakistani Statesman) – Mr. Ajmal Kasab says he doesn’t have faith in Indian courts (not that it is a new question – atleast in terms of efficiency).

Kasab says “I have no faith in Indian court and this case may be transferred to an International court”.

I am sure if we go per the nation’s ask – he wouldn’t have got a case for himself. For one day if he were to be handed over to the public – he will not have time to keep faith in himself, forget about our courts.

The same bastard who came to my country and kills unsuspecting people – now says he doesn’t have faith in our system. He has been playing for too long now.

I am still worried though, even if our court gets to a judgment (eventually some day) – and decide to hang him. Wonder how long will it take for him to be hanged. We all know of the case with Mohammed Afzal Guru – he was to be hanged in 2006 – but yet we have him in between us, feeding of the tax payers money. And wonder how long would it take for the Indian govt to pass on his case to the President. The govt. keeps repeating the tape of – “there is a procedure in place, and there are others in queue ahead of him”. The govt. needs to give a serious rethink of its efficiency – it takes 3 years for a single case to be closed at the highest level in the Nation – you get through elections after elections but nothing happens on the national security front – apart from glib talks.