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You can’t live here


Who are you?? Not one of us? – You don’t deserve to Live (here atleast)

So, is this the problem so very Indian or is it a universal problem. Anyways I have a better idea of India (comparatively).

In a recent incident, Four Hindi speaking people were shot dead in Assam, all just because they were not natives. Man, going by this logic – Bangalore would be ruled by various flora, fauna and concrete buildings and yeah a few localites (infact the outsiders can threaten the localites to leave this place).

The moment we start counting on the number of easily visible such incidents – it blows one out of their mind. I’ve listed down a few (all that came up in my little brain – no Google this time).

1) In recent memory – our MNS folks dishoom-bishoomed people from Bihar & U.P in Maharashtra (Mumbai specifically – they get good news coverage only in this place, I suppose).

2) Another incident in recent memory – on the Jammu & Kashmir issue, a part of article 370 of Indian Constitution ensures no outsider (I don’t mean a foreigner) i.e., a non J&K waala cannot own a piece of land in J&K. And there is more – here the localites need to run away from their state (I am referring to the Kashmiri Pandits).

3) Are you a Nepali/Chinese/Japanese?? that is what is posed to guys/girls from North-East. Come-on guys India has 28 states & 7 union territories – and that includes the states from North-East (Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya) and India is incomplete without these states (and people make the states) – our ancient history & mythologies have covered these regions. Also, we need to be proud of the fact that of the 5 human races (Caucasians, Mongoloids, Negroids, Capoid, Australoid) – India has 2 native races (Caucasians & Mongoloids), which other country can boast of this diversity (I am talking of native – not including the people bought to a land by slave trade or who those have emigrated).

4) Then you have cases of as pointed in the above link – of Hindi speaking folks being killed in Assam.

5) And in Karnataka (specifically Bangalore), anytime there is any damn incident and it requires some violence – it is the Tamilians who are attacked (& I am not sure what it is Tamil Nadu).

6) Kerala is a funny example – here you don’t need people from outside – the 2 major parties will ensure that the person belonging to opposition party is dead – all because he is not one of them.

7) This inevitably comes up in every rediff forum – the North Indian & South Indian divide; and what more every South Indian seems to be a madrasi to North Indians (& madrasi is rarely ever used in good taste).

Come one why cannot we get on with lives – instead a plenty of us are hell-bent on bashing others. But yeah, I must add – the folks who move out to other states, need to respect the culture and traditions of people of the new land. Or the least they could do is not to offend the localites (I have witnessed how the non-localites speak of the place which has provided them roti, kapada & makaan..

The cases pointed out were picked by me in random (depending on how my memory areas were accessed), some one could add on to this list or come up with a better one.