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Future generation – a step Ahead..


Before I get to the story – a bit of history.

Panipat – what does it flash??

Must have been a lot of social-studies/science classes of our school days. And that reminds us of THREE major battles at Panipat.

1) Ibrahim Lodhi (Sultan of Delhi) and invading Babur in 1526

2) Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (Hemu) and Akbar in 1556

3) Marathas and Afghan king Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1761

Now our story.

I’ll just take this opportunity to use “during our times”.

During ourĀ  times, we had people taking out their shoes to aim/target the politicians/leaders (use the way you like it).

But, the next generation is fast moving ahead – they are onto something that really can hurt. The stones.

Amidst all the austerity natak – where Rahul Gandhi traveled by train from Amrithsar to New-Delhi – we had some kids throw stones at him (Rahul prepare yourself with some face masks of the kind used in baseball).

And we now have the fourth battle of Panipat.

4) Some railway-line side kids (not street side, right?) and Rahul Gandhi (rather the vahan in which Rahul traveled) in 2009.

As of 3rd war – the wars were decisive? But, I’ve no idea about the 4th war.

And I just got to know – why the kids hit the wrong compartment of the trains – ask the Congress leaders – they say “the kids did it playfully”. Surely Rahul is one lucky person to have the kids throwing stones playfully – wonder what would’ve happened if they didn’t do it playfully.