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Job Opening: for Harry Potter in India


We are now in the need of a Harry Potter & all of his Alohomora – the greatest wizard on Earth (was it on Earth? but I believe the greatest is Mandrake).

The Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh, has over come the clutches of ancient wisdom, one of which said – “Mounam Vidhwana Bhushanam” (translated vaguely “Silence is the ornament of a Scholar”), and has at last spoken out post the 1:00 am witch hunt.

And his statement takes the cake (& the cheese):

It is unfortunate that the operation had to be conducted but quite honestly, there was no alternative.

The government is serious and we are concerned about corruption and blackmoney. There is no doubt. But there is no magic wand.

And I thought these dialogues were limited to Bollywood (“mere pass koi jadoo ki chhadi nahin hai”):). And who ever thought the P.M did not have a sense of humor (well maintained during the difficult times).