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Support – but which way??


Been a while, but back. This post was supposed to have been out almost 60 days ago – but then I’ll be me.

Bengaluru BBMP elections concluded on Mar 28, 2010 – with a lot of requests floating around asking people to come out and vote (the new corporators being chosen almost after a decade).  And as always the pub/garden/silicon city had its share of minimal voter turn outs (around 45 %).  The ink on the nail of my right index finger (mark of me having voted) hasn’t washed away yet (its taken a little too long, by the signs of it – looks like I’d be ready by the next Lok Sabha elections in 2014)….

To the topic – Bengaluru (or Bangalore – something which I am more comfortable typing) has been expanding, developing, growing, polluting, cramping, drying of water at an express pace – this makes it mandatory for the city infrastructure to reflect this new trend and be capable to handle all of these (and other extremes).

Bangalore has been doing decently on this infrastructure front (not great, not good – just slightly close to average). Credit must be given where due – I’ve seen a marked improvement in maintenance and repair of roads during the current BJP govt’s tenure (I meant better, they haven’t solved all the road problems – I pass by a bunch of ditchy roads everyday). But yeah, I must add – the visibility increased tremendously days before the election – even with roads that didn’t require tarring being tarred. (And the daily power cuts turning into a talk of the past before the BBMP elections and magically reappearing a day after the election – same with water supply. Water supply disappeared for 3 consecutive days recently at my place).

Now while we are caught up in the need for better places, better roads, faster transport, less tiring traffic etc…. herein lies the dilemma for people. To provide these the corporators/govt at times needs to mess with public’s comfort zone. Seen via many ways – power line goes down for road work or sewage work;  sewage cleaning causes flooding at another point;  and now to what I’ve seen – widening of road causes people losing out on their shops/land.

BBMP plans to widen the road on the “Outer Ring Road” of the city – the one I am aware of is – near Kamakhya Theater, Banashankari. And the folks here have some serious and legitimate concern. The shops around this place makes some beautiful business every day – lot of cash changing hands (legitimately as I get to see it). They’ve put up boards with their grievances.

Any expansion of these roads would lead to a lot of property loss and loss to daily incomes to plenty of folks.

Not sure whom do I support – I hope a decent alternative has been worked out between BBMP & shops/property owners on this stretch of roads.

Image Courtesy: My Nokia N73.

After reading these boards – it becomes a tricky question – on how to help Bangalore with its expansion and growth.