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Hats Off to Super-30 & Mr.Anand Kumar


IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination) – the Entrance Exam which screens out the very best in India.

I prepared (rather partially attended a training) for it during my 11th standard – and thank God, my common sense prevailed. I rather quickly recognized where I stood & opted out of any such fancy preparations. I was tooooo dumb for IIT.

I couldn’t half understand the questions from Physics. Always thought why were each of the questions in physics half-a-page long. I just didn’t have patience to read through it. By the time I was through reading half the question I had forgotten my Physics, and by the 2nd half I would’ve easily managed to stop making sense of my English.

Mathematics was slightly more manageable (just slightly – the questions weren’t half a page long). And in Chemistry all of a sudden there was neither organic nor inorganic sense in the question (and outside of organic & inorganic in Chemistry there isn’t much that I understand).

And that is all it was – my brief tenure with IIT-JEE entrance examination preparation. A couple of my class-mates passed the screening but missed out on getting through their main exams. A few of them who were thought have brains in the IIT mold – missed out on clearing the screening round.

From my IIT-JEE training course, I learnt that a couple of super brains got through to IIT – wasn’t really surprised with them making it there. One of the guys smelt and breathed Maths/Physics/Chem – how lucky he was (there was a shit-hole close by).

And this news report speaks of one Mr.Anand Kumar who could not pursue his higher studies at Cambridge due to his poor financial conditions. He goes onto establish a IIT-JEE coaching center in Bihar. The difference in them being that this institute caters to poor kids – with an intake of 30 students and aptly named Super-30. And this year all of its 30 students got through IIT-JEE – the same has been the case for the last 3 years.

Something with this man and the kids. Hats of to you all.

Its a pity that Bihar does not have sufficient outlets/openings to tap the energy of these super brains. These super brains needs to be utilized by Bihar – provide them opportunities to education, challenging task, good pays, growth, recognition – if these were to fall in place, may be the good old days of Nalanda can be brought back. Please Mr.Nitish Kumar (CM of Bihar) – do something about this (I hold this man in high regards, he is easily amongst my top 5 fav CMs in India). Mr.Nitish Kumar is one man who has taken Bihar in the right direction during his tenure, may be he could do something here as well.

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