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Left + Right = Center Front???


We have had – Left Front, Third Front, UPA, NDA, UNPA (in the high dreams of some visionaries), and many other fronts – where the parties involved – all of a sudden find that their wavelengths match. A match made in the heavens for power, money, protection and many many more heavenly things.

But, this time a front in formation defies all logic, common sense, uncommon sense, fuzzy logic and what ever you can think or not think of.

The BJP & the Communist Parties are joining hands in the opposition to take on the now threatening UPA.

Bharatiya Janata Party (aka BJP) – A party which is (or has it changed to “was”) considered on the extreme right, well.. huh.. that is a false label to them – they are so confused about what their identity is – right?, center?, right-center?, center-a-bit-to-right?, right-a-bit-to-center? This party has taken quite a few pro-Israel & pro-US stand.

And then we have the Communist parties – who read all unknown books and found left was the flavor of elections 2009. This is the only party with the right to stage strikes, sometimes strikes against another strike. They are the ones who hold the fight for rights of  working class by ensuring the working class doesn’t get to work during their strike hours.  These parties have almost always taken pro-China stand.

And these two parties who are pro-Israel/US and pro-China are now going to stand shoulder to shoulder to see UPA face-to-face, btw, these are the pro-appeasing stand – be it a community or a country which can either be an enemy/friend – In all this we have lost something who takes a pro-India stand???? any one there???

Its like Loser + Loser = MahaLoser, take on luckyWinner.

If any one can figure out what front will be formed by Left + Right, do let me know.