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Business & Religion don’t go together…


It has been a relief not blogging for a day, I’ve taken the pressure of myself of getting a post out every day. I now have broken the trend 😀

For all that I hate Rajan Zed for, reason being –

  • He occupies too much space on every damn news medium be it electronic, print, television anywhere.
  • He has an opinion on every damn thing (just like our news channels make news of any damn thing)
  • and more importantly he thinks he is the protector of Hindu rights and believes.

Well inspite of all this, its nice to have someone working in some direction all the time and yeah more importantly to get the attention on this particular event – on which this blog is based on.

I am not sure how many of us have come across this ad (atleast not we folks in India), recently the Food chain (fast food I think), Burger King started a poster campaign with the following caption “LA MERIENDA ES SAGRADA” in spain (no prizes for guessing it is in Spanish). The poster carried the image of goddess Lakshmi (on a meat product, wonder why???).

I simply can’t understand why would any one want to use a religious symbol for business gain. Why relate things unnecessarily. In this case there was no such need for such an ad. You don’t have to be a brain to understand that this could offend people of certain community or religion.

Religion being such a soft target to get things flared up (especially in the current time, but yeah it has always been that way), it is best to stay as far away from getting religion into forefront for such money making reasons (remember the prophet Mohammed cartoons by the Danish artist & the paintings of Goddess Saraswati & Mother India by M.F.Hussain).

There is always a wide/broad line between freedom of speech/expression and offending others (but many try to narrow it and show its just a thin line). Its so damn simple, if one were to give a second thought on what he/she considers is a work involving freedom of speech/expression and think about where if anybody is affected (offended I mean) by it and you don’t need to be a mensa to analyze this.