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Hindi-Chini Bhai-Behan


After a self imposed exile, I have a quick one.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was futuristic (or is it “Pastistic”)… he foresaw the past..

He used the famous quote “hindi chini bhai bhai”, we have come a long way since to “hindi chini bye bye” to “chini chini hai hai”…

But, with this piece of info, even if we are not back to “hindi chini bhai bhai” – we can get it to “hindi chini bhai behan”…

Ancestors of Chinese came from India: Study

This is a story of a sister who had to leave her family (including brother) and move out to another land and settle down, and since then we have been “hindi chini bhai behan”, which was abused to “hindi chini bhai bhai” (what kind of anti-feminist people are they?).

I haven’t checked a single blog in the last month and a half, and this is my first visit to my own blog in the last month. I think the exile would go on for some more time, and then I hope to be back commenting and replying.