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Eating Tarred Roads !!! 


A Colorful, Delightful part to start with – The road from Bangalore To Tumkur.

One of the best roads – a good fly-over (in fact one of the longest in Bangalore, I guess – the ones in Bangalore usually come to a descending halt to accommodate the business interests of some near-by Mall or some big Hall). The Road is well maintained (Toll applicable – and fair enough).

Driving on this stretch is beautiful – hassle free. We (family & me) were traveling to Belur/Halebidu & surrounding areas. We were constantly praising the stretch of road.

That was until – After few kilometers – we hit our eyes onto something greenish. Plenty of farm-lands.


The farm-lands were being used for “developing” the roads. On the way, we noticed plenty of houses broken (missed on having the pics taken – for a picture speaks louder than 1000 words),  lots of farm-land having been cut into places to store Stones & asphalt & whatever else used to make roads.

I will never know if these lands were bought from the farmers by paying them the market price & also with their total consent.  However, it gives me an idea of why people would go agitating & fighting the government when their lands are taken away from them without proper remuneration (or worse still – their consent).


This is a double edged sword – we will have to arrive at a solution taking everyone’s interests into consideration – and specifically the farmers. We need both Development & without doubt “Food”. We simply can’t mess with lives of those who feed us.

For we cannot live our lives eating Tarred Roads.


In the pics below – we noticed this huge area which was filled with Coconut Trees. And a stretch of it had to be cut-down to make way for the roads. At various other stretches we noticed homes/shops (small shops) which were in semi-demolished state – being cleaned up for the roads. And at other places we noticed good green farm lands (paddy?? is it that time of year?? is it grown around Bangalore?? – no clue, but these were some farm crops) being cleaned up for the Roads.