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False Generalizations on True India…


I have heard a lot of my friends and colleagues speak on the issue of “casteism” in India – and many get to the conclusion of – “it is not much now, except for with the political parties”. No one really looks into the castes now-a-days. But come their marriage day – you got to see, the specific requirements they have – and caste being one of them. Well, I have no problems with that – the problem I have with is them being judgmental in the earlier case and being no where close to their judgment in their own case.

Well, sitting in the comparitive comforts of the city to Indian rural side – we generalize a lot of things to be the way we see around us. And caste assumptions is one of those. Statements like – “caste differentiation is not much in today’s times”, “I haven’t seen people differentiating on caste grounds”, “who cares for caste now a days”.

But, then look at the actual true side of India – the villages and incidents like these remind us where we stand.

Dalits bid to Enter temple turns violent.

Mystery death of girl who defied caste.

And the web is no short of such reports.