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Don’t turn her Fury on you….


Mother, I shall behave, please remain calm. I know you’ve given me plenty of warnings and opportunities. Please provide me one last.

Trembling Earth - Image Courtesy: National Geographic

Trembling Earth - Image Courtesy: National Geographic

This must have flashed to you too…

The last 10 days… I have read, heard, seen and experienced the fury of Nature. Or how mother nature treats us when we don’t obey her rules. And here there is no second way, no one to bribe. Its all about taking the punishment.

Sometimes the ones punished are the ones who didn’t contribute to the problem in a big way – but then a crime is a crime.

This year, 2009, has been a year filled with Natural Disasters. More so the last month – September 2009. Or may be its just the case of I being more aware of it during the last month.

In the last fortnight or so – we have had

  • Earthquake in Indonesia
  • Tsunami in South-Pacific
  • Floods in the USA
  • Floods in India (Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh)
  • Earth quake in Georgia
  • And many many more.

And I have experienced my first ever meeting with the nature deviating from her serene nature – experienced the “Dust Storm“. For all that it is not as scary as the other forms. However not so scary this can be called – people have struggled because of this. The old & the young, humans and animals, and any kind that is out there. There have been plenty of cases of people having breathing problems.

This website provides a good scary list of 2009 events – “Relief Web”.

Then in the last few days there was this catastrophe of Tsunami in Samoan islands. One of the local Australian news paper carried this news report of a Samoan Australian family who lost 21 people from their immediate and extended family. That is 21 from a single family.

And I was informed by my folks @ home about the tragedy at Mantralaya, A.P, India. This is what I read online then.

All but 50 out of 1,600-odd houses in the town could be seen as the flood waters rose up to 13 ft at several places, while the famous Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple was completely submerged. The bus station and police station were marooned as some passengers climbed on top of the bus complex building.

I had been to this temple about 4 years ago and been on the banks of then almost running dry river Thunghabadra, but today the river is bloating.

Today I read the news on 230 people feared dead and a million people displaced by floods in Karnataka.

We have heavy rains and floods on one side of the earth, and another place struggling for a drop of rain.

Standing crops dying out without water – the  drought hit lands, but at other places you have standing crops being washed away by the strength of water. India has been a classic example for this. There have been cases of droughts in Gujarat while at the same time floods in Orrisa.  And the year next, it was drought in Orrisa and floods in Gujarat.

A serene weather on one corner while a Tsunami or thunderstorm at the other end.

The place where you would love to get some heavy rain would be at the forest in between a Forest Fire, instead it rains at some low lying area.

Then you have the Earth Quakes – something unspeakable in terms of casualities it leaves behind. We witnessed one such scary one recently in Indonesia and a year back it was China.

And while you have water carrying minerals in the form of flood on one side, we have the minerals flowing in tune with the magma from a Volcano.

Is the human race doomed.

In all the cultures and civilizations that have breathed or are breathing have stories of “End of World”. The Indian culture and history calls it “Pralaya”. While it makes for a very interesting read – it is never interesting to be present at that point.

Why don’t we act? Why don’t we go by common sense? While the world leaders met up at the UN about 10 days ago, there was a lot of talk about enivornment. And it was exactly around this time when the nature’s problems soared up, but what happened?? No one noticed.

Why doesn’t one look at picture right in front, why did our world leaders go blind? Why did they just put this off?

OR is it that – “Vinaash Kaale Vipareetha Buddhi”.