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Is India short of Names & Personalities???


So what do we have now – yet one more landmark with the name of our Gandhi clan (should have been Gandhy – as in Feroz Gandhy you see). And this time it is in the name of the last Gandhi Prime Minister India has had (as of today) – Mr.Rajiv Gandhi for the “Bandra-Worli Sea Link” now officially called “Rajiv Gandhi Setu” (what setu – was Rajiv an Engineer?? is Karuna asking for it??)

Uhh… how many more in the man’s name. I am sure it is no real big deal to have the Gandhi name – but how many of them – roads,  circles (junction), airports, universities, rural development schemes, girl development schemes, education schemes, road development schemes, food schemes – oh god its even difficult to stay updated with this list – you never know while this post is being typed – something else would pop up with Gandhi in its name, oh and yeah the statues of theirs which is named on them (has to be right, this can be excused).

Is India in any shortage of personalities – why not name it “A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Setu” or as Shiv Sena (though these guys are chauvinist – they have a valid demand) asks – name it “Veer Savarkar Setu”.

“Chatrapati Shivaji” has been used too much in Maharashtra, so give other leaders or warriors or statesmen, sportsman (not limited to cricket – else it would end up from this list –  Gavaskar or Tendulkar or Vengsarkar or Shastri), or Doctors (remember – Anandi Gopal) or as this is a technological achievement pick some one up from that domain a scientist or architect (Maharashtra has some very important names). But all we can think of is (ok let me say UPA & its appeasers) a name from the first clan. With all due respect to the first charming PM of India, we need another name.

Though being too much bothered about a name for an object can be thought of as not looking at more important issues. But its these small things which builds history for the future (irrespective of how Great Ashoka was during his time – all we know about him today is from the pillars, edicts and literature – so you see lot can be inferred from these sort of naming in future – and some incorrectly as well).