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Dwarka/Dwaravati: The Many Gated Lost City


Part 2 of videos (Part 1 here)


Of all mythological stories in Hinduism – the one character which I simply love is of Lord Krishna. I love the stories around his character andĀ  himĀ  being portrayed in various shades of behavior (is the use of his/him/he considered blasphemous??? – I’ll stick to Lord/God).

Next, on question of if Krishna existed as a mythological character or history is another matter altogether – a part of it is captured here – Krishna – History or just Story?

Below videos (documentary by Graham Hancock) capture something about historicity of the place he ruled – Dwaraka – the city which Krishna moved to along with the Yadava community and setup his kingdom there to safeguard them from King Jarasandha of Magadha – I guess this is one of the stories. And another one goes like Dwarka was constructed on land borrowed from the ocean (God, of course) and it was foretold Dwarka would be submerged (into the ocean) at the end of that epoch/yuga.

Dwarka, India – 12000 Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found