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14 days or 60 days – 14 days turn out more attractive


Just get into a time machine & read this on post “29 Sept, 2011”.

The thought came up while I was on my beautiful/hulk bike – why am I not blogging. Its been ages since I blogged. And then the reasons were in front of me – “I haven’t been pissed of (sufficiently enough) at anything during the recent past”. Felt very happy at the thought that things were back to normal.

Being pissed off has usually got me blogging. And that has been often enough (some times I hold onto all these instances & break-out in a pissing way with some long posts) & for such things to happen here isn’t very difficult – with the kind of political environment we live in. May be all of the scams had put me in a comfort zone of “getting used to” kind of thing.

As “Star Cricket” calls it “every day & night on HD” – that was the kind of treatment meted to the scams by the media houses.

Anna, Baba, Chidambaram, Pranav da, MMS, Rath Yathri Advani, PM aspirant Modi, 1’s complement of human common-sense Digvijay, Rahul baba (been a while¬† since I’ve heard/seen off him – probably searching for some half-cooked story on how some poor people were tortured by police – the poor people always happen to be from a state where his party is not in power) & many other truly great leaders – had totally white washed the television sets with their presence.

Now, I know – things aren’t back to normal. A new level of normal was written – normalcy bars raised.

Now you can switch to “30 Sept, 2011” – the day this post is/was (being) published.

Something had to get me back – something had to piss me off – & so it did. The news from Manipur – that a blockade had taken place for the last 60 days. And the lives of common people were affected due to this. And how much of this was covered on our national television – huh, hardly any. I saw more of the stir for Telangana on the T.V. This (recent) stir has been underway for last 14 days & here the 60 days one doesn’t get a voice.

Why is it that the lives of people from the North East part of India is rarely covered. This place is in news only if one of P.M or President makes a visit some where along the border or if there is a tragedy – like the one that caused havoc in Sikkim.

Is it because the country’s main opposition party hardly has a hold in the North East & therefore has nothing to gain by raising voice for people from N.E? (Hyderabad has a lot more to offer & so we have them supporting Telangana).

Or is it because N.E is way too small a area – fragmented enough that no real benefits are obtained.

Or is it because – the country’s ruling party simply knows – they cannot be pushed out of this area (for lack of other options to people).

Or is it because the place is not glamorous enough as Mumbai/Delhi – that the media houses don’t find anything worth a mention.

Or is it because there is no “so called” Civil Society – instead we have 2 tribal organizations fighting it out.

Whatever the reason, we can’t let people of Manipur be held to ransom with their daily lives destroyed. The government – both Central & State need to work together to have things resolved. I sincerely hope there is a definitive resolution to the whole problem, or at least have this blockade taken off.

And due to the way our media runs – we never get entire/correct news from the North East (which a Manipuri friend of mine confirmed) & we are always aware to half-truths.