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A Feeling of Emptiness


I am feeling terribly bored to death today (even after having consumed a couple of hours on good sleep & half a day of loafing around Bangalore). Kept thinking for a while what has led to this – and then there is the realization. There is no Cricket match happening that involves poor (not literally) Indian players.

A month and half of ICC Cricket World Cup was followed by almost 2 months long IPL cricket (oops, I hope I haven’t offended the high & mighty of BCCI – by calling it cricket and not, what is that, cricketainment!!!).

It has been a long time since there has been a STOP to cricket – it is a strange feeling. It hasn’t been the case that I have followed each of the matches of IPL (I have hardly watched any match completely), but there was a completeness to life with some noisy activity available continuously on the television. And also, I am extremely worried and sorry for the news channel – what a sad situation for them, they now have to figure out how to stuff up 12 hours of the show time. Cricket & IPL provided all the fodder for the news channels & now after 4 months it has all disappeared.

After wear-n-tear of the bodies of half of the regular Indian cricketers, it is time for end of cricket – till the West Indies tour that is. Almost a near-perfect setting for “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna….”