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Mera # kab aayega??


Guess, who is NOT asking that question – yeah our very own Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav.

So one thing is confirmed the topic is definitely not that of any ministry (esp. the Prim Ministry).

This obscene question of “mera # kab aayega” is related to the “Fodder Scam” – cheh… it doesn’t sound good – let’s try this “chaara gotala” (ahh.. how Indian – how rustic)…

The very word Chaara is so sweet and combine it with Gotaala – awesome right.

The cows are endangered species in Bihar & Jharkhand, all because the fodder that was meant for the gaay and bains were stolen by some human looking creatures, while they were ruminating (with trunks of money/fodder) while in power.

And now after about 12+ years – 48 people have been convicted, what a relief to the bovine family. We probably can start some conservation projects for the cows to save them from extinction, after the conviction we now have a realistic chance of achieving this (hopefully justice delayed is not justice denied to the cows).

Food for thought – The irony is, as per history/mythology a guy from the Yadava family was the care taker of these bovine creatures, yeah right I was talking of Lord Krishna. (Wonder how things change so much – the care takers turn into hunter).