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Q: Where wil the tallest statue of the WORLD be located?


Till few years ago, while we thinkĀ  of the USA – what flashes to head immediately is “The Statue of Liberty” (now we think of the “Twin Towers” being razed, how sad). This statue has become the symbol of USA.

And, now we have our respected politicians hell bent on getting a statue to be used for people world over to associate India with (and for Indian citizens to associate it with landmark of bureaucracy and govt. corruption – eventually and inevitably, would it be so??). And this statue is of “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj“, the warrior who laid the foundations of the Maratha empire. For all that good and strong the great leader, Shivaji represented, our leaders would prefer following the way Shahjahan took the Mughal Kingdom down. That is thoughtless wastage of money.

During Shahjahan’s reign, India was one of the wealthiest nations of the World, and by the end of his tenure – he had left a rickety nation (comparatively) and without doubt a weak Mughal empire. And had it not been for Aurangzeb (for all that I hate him for, this was something good he did) – we would have been a 5th world nation then itself (if at all it makes sense). (And I am sure I don’t have to say where Shahjahan spent the money – irrespective of how romanticized your outlook is, the fact remains).

We now want to show our respect and love to the great leader by placing him right in the sea. Anyways, is it necessary to have the tallest statue in the world. We seem to be falling into this vicious circle of building statues (now on one bigger than the previous). And each one of us could come up with a long list of possibilities on how this money, meant for statue, can be used in a useful way. But, I am afraid that this list may remain a list of possibilities.

And guess where the final tallest statue of the world will be located? And whose would it be? Oh yeah right.

May be we could all contribute this way – a “Small Change”.