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Please have a Foot in Mouth


While honorable Mr.Digvijay Singh was the chief-minister Madhya Pradesh (from 1993-2003), I was too small to understand anything of politics or even to know who the chief minister of MP was (and hardly I cared for it – all that I wanted then was the games period at school, some nice cartoons on television, and though I didn’t like it – I had no option, but to slog hard at studies to score some marks to get me to some descent place for my graduation and eventually a well-paying job). During, the last decade my interest into politics has multiplied many-folds. And, I mostly hold an opinion about most political ideas & ideologies.

And as I understand more of my sensibilities and thought process – Mr.Digvijay Singh continues to bewilder me with his statements on a day to day basis. Though he astounds me with his statements there is always one thing he does for me – that is to clear my confusions.

To have it in a sentence: “whomsoever Mr.Digvijay Singh supports is ought to be evil and whom he speaks against has got to be ‘not-so-evil’ and a ‘better option’ than any other”.

And there are plenty of examples to support this (in recent memory):

He doesn’t speak much of this does he? And for all that that I write of on Uttar Pradesh chief minister Miss. Mayawati – his statement “Dalit’s daughter Mayawati now chasing money: Digvijay Singh” again questions as to who can or cannot chase money. And by Digvijay Singh’s logic – if Anna Hazare were to start a “Satyagraha” in Uttar Pradesh – would it make him an associate of “Congress”.

He speaks of “Lokpal Bill” alone cannot end corruption (does it mean, so why have it at all? isn’t there the first step to be taken?). Or is he just worried about such cases.

And he speaks of “Late Mr.Hemant Karkare’s (chief of Maharashtra ATS) death” to which even Mrs.Karkare has objections.

But, he has no qualms in feeling emotionally lost for not having provided a clean burial to a human being (who hardly behaved so), Osama Bin Laden, who wreaked havoc around the world by killing thousands of innocents.

Well everyone is entitled to ones opinion, as I have done here. But, when your opinion crosses the limits of reality/truth/evidence – it lurks around being Schizophrenic.