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Bollywood?? Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood !!


Its not simply the trees are being cut – after all, all of it is being converted to sheer wood. Uugh…. that wasn’t even worth writing (forget about laughing for it).

Anyways, to most Indians even if the names of these woods don’t look familiar – they’ll surely know that movies are made in the south too.

While you speak of Indian movies the way our media portrays is that only 1 kind of movie exists in India – the sickly sounding – Bollywood (I prefer calling it Hindi Cinema).




In fact as per a recent report – 75% of Indian movie revenues come from the south. Feel sorry for all those south bashers – calling them idly, sambar, dosa and whatever (rediff.com is a superb place to read comments on this subject – can easily pass time).

75% and we make the gruesome mistake of assuming Indian cinema is Bollywood.

The 4 South Indian language – Kannanda, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu contribute most of revenue, in particular Telugu movies (I can guarantee that, while I was in Hyderabad I remember people flocking to theaters for an 8:00 am show – huh so early on a Sunday).

Films made in the four southern languages—Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam— accounted for more than three-fourths of the country’s total revenues from film content in 2008-09, generating more than Rs 1,700 crore.

Also, the Telugu film industry makes more movies than the whole of Hindi film industry.

And remember the above Hindi film industry includes Bollywood & Bhojpuri movies (and may be others too???, I am ignorant).

And for the wood lovers – here it is.


The biggest star of all – Rajanikanth

Actor par excellence – Kamal Hassan


Amongst the best actors in India – if not the best (their collection of National Awards says it).

Actor for any role – Mammooty.

The most wholesome and complete actor – Mohanlal


The dual talented actor & singer – the man who is revered – Dr.Rajkumar. If there is anyone who can carry of a historical/mythological character, then look no further than Dr.Raj.

And then the versatile man – Anantnag.

Then the industry which brings in maximum moolah.


The man for whom the entire state goes crazy – and one of the best dancers (even at his age – 50+ he can give a run for money) – Chiranjeevi.

One of the coolest actors & who does pretty hatke roles… – Nagarjuna

Lady’s might call me sexist or anti-women for not including the pics of actresses (in comparison to the men) – I am sorry about it. How many times have the ladies watched a movie for the actresses. After all we are all the products following our crazy media – which markets the movie on the names of male actors.

But, I have watched certain movies just coz of the actresses (I am not including the cases of specifically watching the movie for having a view of the actress – without doubt there have been a few instances of these too,err… few??). I have followed the movies of Malayalam actresses Urvashi & Shobana – just love them – amazing actresses.

South movies account for 75% revenues.

All you can do with all these different language movies is – just enjoy. Love the difference, love the different tastes and flavors of movies. Cherish the performances from the brilliant actors/actresses. Why compare and mess with your own brain in trying to find a better one – just enjoy all of them.