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We never doubted Pakistan’s Sincerity, and never Will


Its funny when you have a govt. officer of Pakistan making a statement on Pakistan’s sincerity. I guess he must have referred to the lack of it.

10 Months (26/11/2009) since the ghastly act o a handful of Pakistani citizens (with definite assistance from a few people within India) and after the death of 150+ people, all that people of India want is a proper/quick/heavy punishment to the offenders. Such a lesson that would ensure no person on this planet or from any other would ever dare such a thing.

And its funny that the media uses the word accused instead of say convict (yeah, you could point to Law terms – but speak the fact) or terrorist. I have also seen them using the word militant. Has media ever bothered to understand the difference between militant and a terrorist. At this point I remember of having read an article – very much on this point. Here it is “Despite confession, Kasab remains a ‘gunmen’ for NYT”.

This is how Pak has responded, while our leaders (no pun intended) have been busy trying to convince Pak. Many a times almost begging Pak to accept that he is a Pakistani and to respond to the Dossier (sometimes even asking them to confirm they have received the Dossier).

1) Denial that the terrorists were Pakistanis inspite of having seen initial evidences. Saying his name/id doesn’t exist in their records. (For all I can think of,  I am sure President Zardari’s name must be missing from the records – then how do you imagine of having this bugger).

2) Then Dawn news broke the story of Kasab being a Pakistani and a native of Fairdkot, Pakistan –  showing his house location, villagers etc.

3) Then the govt. comes up with the story of non-State actors – now what is that?

4) Just when it looked like we had nailed Pakistan for its lie, they had a savior in the form of our respected leader Mr.Antulay – Pak had been given a breathing space. “They jumped on the same – it is not our fella who shot down all of them.”

5) And meantime what do our respected and beloved leaders do – speak BIG, and the reason they did that – you know why – the central elections were near. But think about it what did they speak – we will not have any discussions with Pak.

6) After months of struggle to prove the case – we hit the jackpot – where Kasab accepts who he is and confesses to his act. And out of nowhere comes a response from Pak govt. – “Kasab’s confession is not an evidence – Pak Min”

7) And then India was onto sending over the dossiers to Pak. I came across news like – “Pak says they have not received the dossier, while India says we handed over the dossier”. Wonder how that happened. May be its the classic example of secrecy – the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

8) And after handing over dossier-pe-dossier, proof-pe-proof – hamein kya mila – tareeq, tareeq-pe-tareeq from Pakistan. Its almost like Pakistan has mastered the art of fooling around with India – since the day they were cut out to be made a nation.

And after all of this – we hear these words – “Do not doubt our sincerity”. Don’t they ever check back on their track record. The news isn’t old enough or unimportant enough to be forgotten from everybody’s mind (I agree Indian public has a volatile memory, more like a la-Gajini).

A good coverage available here: “Deconstructing the Pakistani Response to 26/11”.

And immediately after the elections, our leaders are back to old ways. Talks, and Talks and more talks. This time they don’t want to say anything out formally. All the talks have been on the sidelines of international summits. Why do you do that Mr. Prime Minister. You were almost omnipresent at all world summits during this term of yours, and many of these summits were utterly waste in terms of what India can make out of them. But you were there, and it looked more like you were there to meet the Pakistani leader.

And for the offense which can never ever be forgiven (may be even by Lord Buddha), see the way we treat that bloody culprit, we provide him with the following:

1) Urdu Times News Paper

2) Perfume

3) Toothpaste

4) Basmati Rice

5) Ghoomna-Phirna in the verandah of the jail (In one of his letters he mentioned – “Staying in one room, I am getting mentally sick. It should not happen that in future things may go out of control” – was wondering how much more sick can this guy get??)

6) A special bullet-proof tunnel from his jail to Court room

7) And now, Chicken Biriyani.

For all likelihood – this guy would have been a total unknown, who would have lived his life out and gone underneath. And during his time on earth – he would’ve lived a life doing his routines with there being no likelihood of him ever traveling in Bullet Proof vehicles and people dying to listen whatz up with him and what is his lunch menu for the day. We have provided him all of it.

This way I am sure we will have some folks in our country who come without any Passport (surely they are not gonna carry it), knock down a few hundred people and surrender. And while the govt and judicial machinery is trying to prove his origins and prove him guilty. The guy gets treated like a Maharaja-di-raj. Who will want to miss out on this khatirdari. We Indians seem to make such people our guest and then pick up wrong teachings from our tradition and culture – “Athithi Devo Bhava”.