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The need of Political Asana & Riots in Sleep


I am usually emotionally charged up while I blog on any political topic – but probably have not been so emotionally immersed into any post as this one.

This post of mine comes in the backdrop of Baba Ramdev being – “arrested”, “kidnapped”, “escorted”, “rushed away” – call it what you want, it doesn’t change what happened and as the world saw it while it woke up from its slumber.

Check this.

Technically the whole fasting + protest activity lead by Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan was WRONG (unlawful/illegal), since the ground was booked for Yoga. And while Ramdev was asked about this technical breach – he had an answer to it, which definitely sounded good (vaguely translated by me) “Firstly, yogic exercises were carried out at the shivir (camp). And, Yoga is performed to get rid of negative energy; Working for the truth is a form of yoga. Corruption is negative energy and working against negative energy is a form of yoga”.

Having slept mighty late (at least by my standards) yesterday night (slept at 2:00 am – should’ve checked news before I hit bed:() – I woke bloody late too (past 9:00 am) – and then logged onto net. Followed my routine of checking e-mails & news. I was shocked at what I read. The news channels have been filled with quotes on: “strangulation of democracy“, “irresponsible government”, “UPA regime’s brutality”, “worst day in the history of India” and so on & on & on. And then many of the (so called) leaders reminding people of India of the days of emergency rule under Indira Gandhi. But, to me there was just one thought in head – the whole event of the police force using tear gas to disperse people at Ramlila Maidan – it is to remembered that these people were no goons let on loose like during any riots. These were non-violent protesters and also they had been fasting the whole day. These people are woken up from their sleep and what they look into is the tear gas. All of this reminded me of one & only one thing – “Jallianwala Bagh massacre”. We might all agree to disagree of the scale mismatch in comparison. No doubt about it – but the act of brutality against the innocents remained the same. General Dyer was a foreigner, and such acts by foreign invaders on natives are common, but what about today’s act? The police mentioned the people resorted to throwing stones – I am not sure if they were expecting to be garlanded. The police also need to feel they’ve been lucky that it was only the stones which were available at the moment, had it been in the Kashmir valley there would have been plenty of stones to be received.

I remember reading the laws of war  that were written before the Mahabharatha war took place between Kauravas & Pandavas. One of them read – the battle for the day would begin post sunrise & end at sun set. All of the laws were broken then by all the parties involved, and we know what happened. And (not so) surprisingly in current age – a non-violent movement is crushed by having the leader of the movement arrested at about 1:00 am (pity the sun for having missed out on the action).

If Baba was seriously a grave threat he could’ve been arrested during the day while the camp was in progress, or he could’ve been detained before the camp, or he could’ve been arrested while he set his foot in Delhi. Instead the heights of cowardice were shown by having Baba arrested while he was asleep (cowardice unmatched since the days of hanging Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev in the midst of night of 23rd March, 1931 by the British Officers fearing public).  However, what transpired was that – on 01 June, 2011 quite a few honorable ministers go on to greet the Baba at airport, quite a gesture for the country men by the power wielders. And, one of these ministers post the havoc of June 05, 2011 at Ramlila Maidan – goes on to say Baba should not get into teaching Political Asanas. The govt. wouldn’t have had to undergo all of this self-inflicted “torture” had it acted promptly and transparently (by taking the nation into confidence) on what it had planned against bringing back black-money and against corruption. The govt. was reminded a few days ago by a member of the opposition party, of the govt’s promise to bring back the black-money in 100 days of taking office. Now the 100 days have turned to about 800 and nothing much has happened.

The Government of India, for all its incompetencies – has been assigned the job of running this country by the very people of this country. And while the current opposition party had “badly” lost the last general elections in 2009, they had promised the nation they would behave like “one responsible opposition party”. In the last 2 years all that I saw was “Opposition Party” (that is to oppose any measure of the government) – the term responsible was missing all through out. The recent protests, both by Anna Hazare & Baba Ramdev, which have taken place is because of incapability, inefficiency and incompetency of the opposition too. Towards any problem that has been discussed (???) in the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha (seriously did they discuss anything at all, apart from staging walk outs?) – the opposition party has always opposed the motion without providing an alternate solution to the problem. This is no act of being responsible. Had the opposition party not failed, we wouldn’t have seen these mass movement. Failure of our elected representative has lead to what we witnessed at Ramlila Maidan.

I still haven’t heard anything from – the person who has built up an image of savior of the poor, the one who mingles with the poor & the powerless – Mr. Rahul Gandhi (didn’t see him mingling with the fasting protesters). Has he been out recruiting new members for the youth congress? or working on building a stronger party? all of this while the country has seen so much.

Sonia Gandhi was concerned (as told by Ghulam Nabi Azad) about Kanimozhi being put into jail. Haven’t heard of similar sentiments being expressed about the people who do not have crores of cash stacked in their accounts. May be that is the reason people were being dragged to jail.

It is amazing how the honorable Prime Minister of India stays mum during this entire saga. He has the stature of a person whom the nation looks upto with respect and to provide them direction/guidance. Instead we have other people talk the head off. Dear Mr. P.M you have maintained a very clean & incorruptible image through out your political life, but it is of no use to people of this great nation, the country of mine and yours, if it is looted by people part of your government – all of it right under your nose (while you just shut your eyes to it – let’s not even go to the two Gs – oops not Soniaji & Rahulji – but 2G & 3G). Will there be an end to this? Would you gamble the survival of your govt. on the issues of corruption & black-money like how you gambled the govt. to obtain the Nuclear Deal with the USA (it is another story altogether on how the trust vote was won).

The police has registered a case against Baba Ramdev of rioting. Quite a riot it must be – Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of. A totally non-violent riot; and Baba Ramdev was probably inciting people in his sleep.