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Time to remember….. Dashanan


Ravan is back (& right now gone as well).

Ever heard of this – “Ravana being worshipped”?? – check this out. The funny part is the reporter’s last sentence. “Rama beheaded Ravana” – I have never heard of Ravana being killed by beheading him, wonder which Ramayan she referred.

And while we are at Ramayana – another related story – this time of Sanjivani. Does it flash anything. As per Ramayana – Lord Hanuman bought Sanjivani from the Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas (infact he carried the mountain on being unable to identify it). This herb was used to save the life of Lakshman, Sri Rama’s brother. And where did this Sanjivani go since – check this.

And this is where we go next – Ravana has been replaced, you must be thinking when and by whom? The answer is our country’s chief-guest Mr.Kasab. Read on..

Kasab’s effigy is 100 feet tall and weighs around 4,000 kg.

And this is what they say:

Since the government is unable to punish the terrorist, we could give a message regarding feelings of the citizens

Happy Dasara to all.. belated though…