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Chooha Kha Gaya??? aur Committee ban Gaya!!!


There are a few creatures which manage to survive in any conditions – lizard (the one I see @ home), cockroach (damn they come in all sizes, colors, winged-non winged), Frogs (how many colors do they come in – I am sure the ladies would struggle to get the colors on them right) and the scariest one of all – the Chooha – RATS…

This 4 legged creature manages to reach all corners of our home or office or the gutter or any other place you can think of. With their jhakas mustache (what do you call those protruding hair), the 2 big teeth in front, the big long tail – aah… its so yuck. And I am damn scared of this sacred animal – Lord Ganesha’s vahan (mushika vahana, right).

And when do you feel most pissed with a rat – its when you’ve lost the most important¬† papers/documents of yours and end up finding them fine shredded.

Okay fine with all of those BS – this post was not supposed to be part of a talk on my most hated creature.

So what is this about?

Did you know that people in our govt. offices are feeding the rats extensively with papers and documents which are to be produced in court. Never heard of that – then check this – “Missing Ayodhya Case Files“. And now we have a new probe for it – amazing right, this is how we generate employment.

If you can recollect that Sunny paaji (as Govind) dialogue from Daamini – “tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh”, we also had Amrish Puri (as Chadda Sahab) as the defence lawyer (of villian).

then what can you say about – “committee par committee, committee par committee”.

Sunny Paaji: (in a calm collected manner) Judge sahab, aaj aap sazaa suna bhi di jiye.

Sunny Paaji: (with his hands outstretched) Itne saal baad kya hua? chuha file kha gaya aur uske liye kya hua – ek committee.

Sunny Paaji: (With his index finger pointing to the sky) Joh kaam kar raha tha committee mein – usey kaam se nikaala gaya, uske liye kya mila – sirf committee.

Sunny Paaji: (pointing his fingers towards the govt. officials in court) Un gundon ne, committe ke bandhe ko maar dala, uske liye kya mila, kya mila judge sahab – sirf committee.

Sunny Paaji: (gesturing past) Committee ko kaam katam karne mein ek peedi guzar jaati hai, aur uske wajah ko pata karne ke liye – phir ek committee.

Sunny Paaji: (both hands outstretched) Aur aise chalte chalte – har woh insaan jo committee mein kaam kar raha hai – woh gis jayega.. aur baaki kya rahega – bas committee.

Sunny Paaji: (pointing towards the judge) sadiyon se yehi hoti rahi hai judge sahab – committe par committee, committee par committee aur committee par committee, lekin insaaf nahin mila judge sahab, insaaf nahin mila. mili hai to sirf committee.

Sunny Paaji: (showing 2 fingers) dho committee ke beech adalat ke bahar yeh log kanoon ka dandha karte hain. jahan papers/documents jala diye jaate hain, phaad diye jaate hain ya choohon ko kila diya jaata hai aur rah jaati hai sirf committee.

Sunny Paaji: (pointing to ladies in court) auraton ne apne gahane, zevraat aur yahan tak ki apne mangalsuthra bejen hain aur unhe mila hai sirf committee.

Sunny Paaji: (all exhausted) committee par committee banti rahi hai judge sahab, par insaaf nahin mila, insaaf nahin mila. yeh committee ka khel kab tak chalega??? boliye judge sahab – boliye.

Silence in court, and slowly we have the audience clapping in unison.

Amrish Puri: (all tensed and shaken) Judge sahab yeh kya ho raha hai, yeh court ki touheen hai, ise sazaa dijiye yaa kisi committee mein daliye.

Judge: Order Order (to Amrish Puri & audience), Chadda sahab yeh adalat faisla karegi ki kya kisi ko kisi committee mein daalna hai ya nahin, aap nahin.

Judge: (showing compassion towards Paaji) Paaji, hum aapki samasya samaj sakthe hain.

Judge: (in an excited mood) yeh adalat aapke sabhi law point ko maddhe nazar rakhte hue is nateeje par pahunchi hai ki “ek committee” banaya jaye jise sabhi suvidhayen aur powers di jayegi, is committee ke chair person honge hamare Sunny Paaji.

(Chadda sahab is kush, coz he got Govind punished by getting him into a committee. And our Govind is excited – as he is assured of an income for the rest of his life).

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