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Show of “Austerity”…


It took 62 years for our respected leaders to realize how the tax-payers money can be saved. For all that the saying goes “better late than never” – its difficult to accept it, this late. Anyways – “better late than never”.

I think – it all started with the Home Minister Mr.Chidambaram making a call to all of the politicians/leaders (of whatever caliber) to cut down on the security cover (slightly) and reassessment to be done on security cover requirement for each of them. However, I haven’t heard anything about that since – I believe Chidamabaram was the only soul to have done that.

And now the central govt. is on some good move – all the ministers asked to travel by economy instead of their regular first class. That is quite some money saved.

UPA ministers asked to travel economy class

Pranab shows austerity, flies economy class

Sonia Gandhi travels economy class

And Rahul Gandhi has taken it a step further – travels to Ludhiana by train (from Delhi). Was wondering why he didn’t do this while he traveled to Tamil Nadu few days earlier.

And it took Tharoor his gymming to mess up his good show of austerity – on being asked to move out of a luxury hotel.

Okay – and for many of us this is quite some news – about our now out-of-favor politicians, Mr.George Fernandez.

And the latest update on this topic is: “A minister’s travel expense – is Rs 2 Crore”.

Now its all going to be wait and watch, let us see what happens when elections are around the corner. Will the politicians still stick to economy class travel or switch over to their choppers for a hop-on, hop-off mode campaigning spree.

How would our airports now look like? I wonder if all the tickets in the economy class are now bought out by the ministers??? (I will get to know sooner or late if a minister sits next to me and travels on his/her business visit – there is no such thing as personal visit).

How about taking the austerity measure to a notch above – shut down the parliaments for good. Its of no use anyways, who wants to watch hulla-gulla in a closed room, we have plenty of better ones and organized ones in the market down the road (I hope no market center sues me for comparing them to the parliament houses). We get to save a lot of money by this – save money on the MP’s travel from their home states to Delhi, on electricity, the allowances of MPs, saving trouble for common people, non-stop torture on LS T.V and many other ways of austerity measure.

Well, enough of being hard on it – at last some good thing is in progress. Let it continue. Amen!!!

PS:   I tried not being hopeless about it – but, Hey – these planes in which our politicians travel in economy class or the train – do they have “Lal Bathi” and are people kept stranded for hours together?