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Has more than just Appeal…


Yeah, this man has more than just appeal (take it any way – cricket or non-cricket).

I have loved watching and learning to admire the art and craft of the 3 geniuses in the spin dept of cricket. The 3 spinners – which most would’ve guessed – Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne & Anil Kumble. Three different bolwers and all extraordinary in their department.

Everytime these guys came to bowl – it used to be like – something is gonna happen – some ball is going to spin crazily or bounce monstrously or spit up like a snake.

It didn’t matter if Murali or Warne were bowling against India – I wanted to see them do something out of the ordinary, which they were so good at. It is amazing the way they setup the batsman before their dismissal (but yeah, I never wanted any of Murali or Warne to get Sachin or Veeru out).

I have never watched the spinners from yester years (except for some once in a blue moon videos) – Prasanna, Chandrashekar, Venkat Raghavan or Bishensingh Bedi. And it used to be difficult to understand how good they were while some gen-X man speaks highly of them. I can think something of the same happening in future while things are spoken about the 3 of our times.

All of the 3 have struggled at various point of time in their career for various reasons. But this man, Murali, has had way too much more than what anyone could have had. The times when he was called for chucking (I thank Arjuna Ranatunga for what he did to support Murali), the innumerable number of times he has undergone biomechanic tests, and the innumerable number of times the players from other teams have questioned on his eligbility to bowl. And this man with his every smiling face and the popping eyes just carries on as though nothing had ever happened or no one ever spoke a word. Amazing right.

You may always find articles dedicated to him or praising him, but this article is a good collection of what Murali has been to this amazing game of cricket.