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Beautiful up close to the Heavens !!!


Its been a long while since my last post…about 18 days (never had this kind of delay before)… all this coz I had a bit of travel to be done – a to & fro India trip. I was in India for a week and then returned back to Wollongong.

The work hasn’t been hectic since my return, but yeah I am expecting things to change come tomorrow (for sure its gonna change).

And this piece I probably should not miss out….  its more of an informative stuff – to all the guys out there….

If u have never flown on Thai Airlines – I guarantee you – u’ve missed out some of the wonderful creations on earth. Aaah… the air-hostesses in the flight from Bangkok to Bengaluru were the prettiest, beautiful(est), mind-blowing(est), amaziiiiinnnnnggggggg, awesommmmmmmeeeeeee, mast, terrific and wat not…. very beautiful. I have flown by quite a few flights, and quite a few carriers – usually u get a flight with 1 or 2 standouts, and you spend time waiting for them to serve you something. But on this flight, I didn’t want to leave out anybody. But then, story mein twist as expected. On the previous flight of mine from Sydney to Bangkok (on Thai Airways) which takes about 9:00 hrs duration, I didn’t even wink my eye – I watched movies – 5 in all. And on the beautiful flight – I was dead as a (dead??) duck. Fine, its over now.

May be next time, I’ll be better prepared for it (will sleep for 9 hours on my first leg of flight).