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Dust Storm – Wollongong, Australia


In the last 48 hrs I have seen most weather possible (staying at a single place) – hot, cold, rain; windy, sunny, cloudy – here in Wollongong, Australia.

It rained the night before yesterday – with bloody huge thunders, loud enough to wake me up (& incase you didn’t know – I sleep like the souls in a graveyard) and loud enough for a burglar siren of a car to be activated.

Yesterday, while watching News a report carried info on dust storms in Melbourne, and I questioned myself “what exactly is this dust storm??”. This morning I woke up to receive the answer.

It was totally red/orangish – with almost zero visibility (in Wollongong). I checked news and found Sydney was the same too. And by the time I left for office, it had got better of here – though it was very windy, however Sydney was still in a bad condition (live on News).

The roads, cars, exteriors of homes were all brown (red) with mud. (The news today – showed silver lining to this event, the car washer made big money today – and he asked for more such days).

Check these out – a few pics available. One of them captures the bridge in Sydney with low visibility.

My cam got conked up few days back – so couldn’t get any pics of my own.

I’ve found few on the web, they’re below – don’t miss out the video (it shows what the condition was).

I’ve never seen a sky of this color. I even heard people I came across – speak of bush fires (looking at the color outside, they thought it was a bush fire close by).

And a colleague of mine plainly blamed me – said it was all coz of me that he is having to face all weathers in a few days:).

News Link:

Illawarra Mercury

Sydney Morning Herald

Daily Mail

Check out videos present in the news links – I am not sure weather to say wonderful or is that where we go.

To know how scary this has been, check the video below.


Probably – sorry Surely and Definitely, the time is right for the world leaders to meet and decide positively on actions to be taken against abuse of environment at the human hands.

Leaders out there need to show the rest of humanity the way. We cannot continue the blame game of developed versus developing countries. If we continue this way – surely there will be none left to fight with. In the last 72 hrs or so – there has been news about earth quakes in India & Australia, news of floods in the USA, and now this dust storm in Australia. What more can you ask for. Even now if you don’t realize and come into your senses about what is impending our future.

This blog of mine captured a video – it fits within this context.

I am afraid I cannot even use the oft used phrase “we still have time”, but truly – do we??

At this moment in time – I am locked in my room, but I still get to hear a strong gush of wind, its blowing real hard. Wonder what is in store tomorrow.